Video Premiere: Ally Ahern, ‘Doorless Keys’

ally ahern interview

Today we are excited to premiere a new music video from the multi-talented musician Ally Ahern. Ally is an 18 year-old singer and songwriter, as well as a recent graduate of Chicago Academy for the Arts. She created the concept for her ‘Doorless Keys’ video and also provided hairstyling, makeup and costumes for its cast. ‘Doorless Keys’ appears on Ally Ahearn’s self-titled 2016 EP. Ally answered an email interview for Culture Creature; watch her ‘Doorless Keys’ video here and read our Ally Ahern interview below:

Ally Ahern Interview

Culture Creature: What is the symbolism of a doorless key?

Ally Ahern: A doorless key is a metaphor for an entity that is useless. The song is about putting an immense amount of time and energy into a relationship that is leaving you with nothing but pain – however, the momentary bliss that comes at times is enough to keep you invested.

What was the visual inspiration for the imagery and costumes of the ‘Doorless Keys’ video?

The production team and I aimed to keep the overall feel of the video pretty minimalistic. I wanted to keep the aesthetic more static in the verses, yet more dynamic in the choruses, in order to flow with the emotional arcs in the song. The dancers, I think, are the most important element in the video; they really brought the raw emotion that was needed in the piece.

ally ahern interview

What was the inspiration for the spoken intro/preamble at the beginning of the song?

I didn’t plan on including “Forks & Knives” (the spoken intro) on my EP, I actually created it in about 10 minutes while experimenting in the studio. The words and music were both improvised, and once I made it I felt it was an integral part of ‘Doorless Keys.’

What can you share about your musical background and training?

I just graduated Chicago Academy for the Arts high school, where I studied music and musical theatre. That’s also where I met the three lovely dancers in the video: my dear friends Simon Schuh, Izzy Ball, and Morgan Clune. Besides singing and writing songs, I play drums, piano, and guitar. I’ve been vocal training for about three years, and have studied piano since I was little. Besides that I am mainly self-taught.

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