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Andrew W.K. On How To Be “A Living Monument to Partying”

The musician and motivational speaker discusses the meaning of happiness, party attitude and more on the Culture Creature podcast

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Today on the podcast, a wide-ranging conversation with the one and only Andrew W.K. Listen to the complete Andrew WK interview via the player above or in your favorite podcast provider.

Andrew W.K. is a musician, motivational speaker, advice columnist, and party expert. He is currently finishing up a new album and preparing to embark on his Party Never Dies tour.

Andrew WK Interview Highlights:

Andrew W.K. on his new album: “To me, it’s all been quite similar in terms of my aims. I’m trying to generate a type of emotional intensity. I don’t know that emotion is really the best word – maybe a type of physical, mental and emotional enthusiasm. Something that you really can physically feel. It’s not just a thought, it’s not just a mood. It changes the way your body feels … it changes the way it feels to exist. Hopefully in a good way. Hopefully it’s a good change. And if you don’t feel good then you should stop listening to it, ’cause that’s a bad sign.”

Andrew W.K. on music streaming: “I gotta say, I just think the streaming music thing has just been incredible. … It struck me a few years ago when we were on tour. It occurred to us that we were hurtling down the highway and we could essentially think of any possible song we could imagine, and hear it instantly. It felt like that was it – this is the pinnacle of civilization, the pinnacle of technology, it all has led to this. Because this is such a luxury … It’s like being able to have instant joy, and it’s there. I take advantage of it. I love that.”

Andrew W.K. on partying: “I’m a living monument to myself right now – to partying. A living monument to partying. We all can be that. … The body is a monument to life, to existence for sure. Again, that’s part of that appreciation for [life]. We’ve been given this chance, to come into being, out of all things.”

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