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Anthony Green On The “God Energy” Of Live Music And Human Connection

Listen to a candid new interview with singer and songwriter Anthony Green on the Culture Creature podcast

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Today on the Culture Creature podcast, an interview with Anthony Green. Listen to the Anthony Green interview via the player above or in your podcast provider of choice. This candid, wide-ranging conversation was recorded at Green’s home in Pennsylvania.

Anthony Green is the vocalist of Circa Survive and Saosin, as well as a prolific solo artist. His band Circa Survive recently released their sixth LP, The Amulet (available here). Today on the podcast, Anthony and Dan Redding discuss Nirvana, fatherhood, Cormac McCarthy, and finding bliss onstage. This is the second Culture Creature interview with Anthony Green; read our 2016 conversation with the singer here.

anthony green interview circa survive

Circa Survive. Photo by Hayley Rippy

Anthony Green Interview Highlights

Anthony Green on moments of transcendence onstage: “It happens a lot. Not in the very beginning probably. In the beginning, there’s this kiss of a rush of the adrenaline of surrendering to [your performance]. But then once you practice it a bunch, all of the sudden, you lose yourself once, and you just go off. You might not be doing great – actually, in reality, it’s kind of like when you see Homer Simpson, and he thinks he’s dancing eloquently at the party, but in reality, he’s just trashing the room! Maybe that’s happening, but you’re detaching and you’re grounded. It’s this paradox. You’re losing a part of yourself that is connected to your body and connected to being a human in a way that is biased and jealous and weird. And you’re connecting with this thing that is not afraid and totally one with everybody and loving and innocent. I have those moments a lot.”

Anthony Green on human connection: “Human connection is where I find the most present God energy … [it’s] the most connected I feel to nature and people. Singing and music does that for me.”

Anthony Green on a tumultuous 2017: “There’s this idea of the band playing on the Titanic as it’s going down. I’m cool with that. I don’t know how to prepare a hole from an iceberg. But I could keep singing.”

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