Aphex Twin’s ‘Cheetah’ Product Designs are Sheer Eye Candy

Aphex Twin's new EP, due July 8th, is available in a variety of beautiful formats

Aphex Twin product design

Aphex Twin’s Cheetah EP is now available for preorder (in a variety of superbly-designed formats, plus merch). The EP will be released July 8th. Richard D. James and Warp Records promoted the EP earlier this week with promotional flyers.

A crafty Reddit user discovered an Ebay listing for an obscure cassette product that seems to be obvious inspiration for Cheetah’s design and title:

aphex twin cheetah logo design

Cheetah is available in a variety of formats, including cassette, vinyl, digital, and compact disc. The cool, cyan-themed product design and retro typography are gorgeous (see below). Those t-shirts are pretty sweet, too.

aphex twin cheetah cassette

aphex twin cheetah vinyl

aphex twin cheetah cd

aphex twin cheetah shirt

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