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Podcast: A.I. And Music In Glorious Harmony, With Ash Koosha

Ash Koosha discusses the “emotional musicality” he conjures from A.I. software

Ash Koosha Interview

Artwork By Isabella Winthrop

Today’s episode of the Culture Creature podcast features a wide-ranging interview with musician and producer Ash Koosha. Ash and host Dan Redding discuss collaborating with software, ‘auxiliary humans,’ holographic performers, and much more. Listen to the Ash Koosha interview via the player above or in your podcast provider of choice.

Ash’s new album is titled Return 0. Like most of Ash’s work, the album is the result of his collaboration with software that he creates. In our new interview, Ash says, “I have so much to say about how the music industry works, and I want to say it through an experiment.”

Watch the video for the album’s title track here:

Ash Koosha is also the creator of what he calls a “virtual persona” named Yona. Yona recently released an album of her own. Ash creates software that he calls ‘auxiliary humans’ which extend his own creative abilities. He tells us that his creative process “always starts with a human stem cell – you could say – and then it expands into some digital manipulation and design.”

Listen to the complete Ash Koosha interview on the Culture Creature podcast.

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