Will Axl Rose Sing with both Guns N’ Roses and AC/DC on the SAME Tour?

Could the notoriously late frontman possibly handle double duty every night?

guns n roses ac/dc

Ok, so it appears almost certain that Axl Rose will step in for the ailing Brian Wilson to sing vocals for AC/DC. While a representative for AC/DC told NME there’s “nothing official to announce” yet, Malcolm Young’s son confirmed Axl’s new gig and now Axl and AC/DC have been photographed at the same Atlanta rehearsal studio.

Today, TMZ asserted that AC/DC will be opening for GN’R on its upcoming tour, and that Axl “said he’s been working hard to get in shape for the double duty tour.” The reports include no source for these statements so their truthiness remains unclear.

If Axl performed double duty for both bands on one tour, it would be one of the most mammoth heavy metal tours of all time – I dare say up there with the 1992 touring lineup of Metallica, Guns ‘N Roses, and Faith No More. The one caveat is that Axl has proven time and time again that fronting one band is hard enough for him: Guns ‘N Roses is notorious for taking stage hours after they’re scheduled to do so (and have even incited riots as a result). Axl requires hours of warming up for his intense performances; could he possibly handle two every night?

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