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Baauer Busts Through the Boundaries of Electronic Music

He's got more breakdowns than metal and more caffeinated fizz than a six-pack of Jolt Cola

baauer live

To the uninitiated, the myriad genres and subgenres of electronic music can seem uninviting and esoteric. The producer known as Baauer transcends all that. His music is infused with tribal rhythms, fizzy sonic adrenaline, and breakdowns that make you want to hurl a chair through the closest window. His music taps into a primal urge that makes you wanna bug out – the same urge perfected by heavy metal bands like Gojira and Sepultura.

Baauer, whose real name is Harry Rodrigues, employs a broad palette of sounds from across genres and cultures. He uses ‘found’ sounds and field recordings to add organic elements to music that he creates on a laptop (among many others, the sounds on his new album include the chants of a tribe he recorded in the United Arab Emirates). “I try to use sounds that I’ve never heard in music before,” he told Pitchfork

Baauer broke through to the mainstream with his viral hit ‘Harlem Shake,’ which evolved from a hit song into a meme with a life of its own. He releases his debut LP, Aa (pronounced double-A), on March 18th. Last month, he participated in a tongue-in-cheek performance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (before his collaborators take the spotlight, Baauer is seen wearing a hoodie, sitting with his laptop on a couch).

Listen to Baauer’s new song ‘GoGo!’ here:

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