Looks Like Balance and Composure are Recording their New Album with Will Yip at Studio 4

The Pennsylvania emo band shared a clue on Facebook

balance and composure new album

Image: Balance and Composure's Facebook Page

Post-punk/emo revivalists (and fellow Doylestown, PA dudes) Balance and Composure just posted a photo on Facebook, and therein lies a clue about (what I presume to be) their new album. The studio shot is tagged in Conshohocken, PA – home of producer Will Yip’s Studio 4. Yip produced the band’s last record, The Things We Think We’re Missing, and it looks like they might be working together again.

Yip has become an influential presence in a community of like-minded post-punk rock bands like Title Fight and Superheaven. His work on Title Fight’s genre-transcending Hyperview alone may have been enough to cause Pitchfork to call him an “Albini-like figure” in the scene (not an entirely favorable comparison considering that Albini is a somewhat nasty dude who once said of the Pixies, “Never have I seen four cows more anxious to be led around by their nose rings”).

Anyway, Balance and Composure rock and I’m excited to hear what they’re up to in Conshohocken. When I was a kid, my cousins lived in “Conshy,” and to me, the town seemed like a flat void of utter nothingness – so hopefully that’s good for emo tunes.

Here’s the band’s single ‘Reflection,’ from The Things We Think We’re Missing.

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