This Bernie Sanders Mural is Based on the Logo of Punk Band Circle Jerks

"Bernie Slamders" is based on the slamdancing logo of the 80's California punk band

bernie sanders mural

Bernie Sanders mural by Mickael Broth

Artist Mickael Broth painted the above mural of Bernie Sanders in Richmond, Virginia. The mural is an allusion to the logo of a slamdancing (or ‘skanking’) punk used 80’s California punk band Circle Jerks. When Style Weekly asked Mr. Broth how long the mural would stay up, the artist replied, “Hopefully, until (Bernie) wins.”

According to Maximum Rocknroll, the original Circle Jerks graphic (below) was created by Shawn Kerri.

circle jerks logo shawn kerri

P.S. I can’t wait to vote for Bernie.

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