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D.C. Shoegazers Big Hush Blend Big-Fuzz Guitars With Daydream Melodies

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A lot of new music comes through the Culture Creature inbox – and sometimes, something special stands out. Today, D.C. shoegaze band Big Hush have released an impressive debut, Spirit/Wholes. The band’s sound is an infectious blend of big-fuzz guitars and daydream melodies that’s sure to please fans of Pixies and My Bloody Valentine.

Spirit/Wholes drops today via Robotic Empire. This ten-track LP was originally conceived as two albums; the songs reveal the band’s growth over several years. In a press release, Big Hush said, “Each new song is a reaction to the song written before it, and the space that song inhibits, each void created by one song is filled by the next, and so reveals a new void. It’s funny how a lot of things in life tend to embody a reactionary nature, capitalism is dictated by market reactions, relationships evolve dictated on reactions to each other, the weather reacts to changes in currents and temperature.”

Big Hush is Genevieve Ludwig, Owen Wuerker, Chris Taylor, and Emma Baker. Stream Spirit/Wholes below:

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