Sign this Petition to Change the U.S. National Anthem to Black Sabbath’s ‘War Pigs’

I always preferred Faith No More's version, but whatever.

black sabbath war pigs

Black Sabbath, 1970

One patriotic metalhead has taken it upon herself to create a petition which asks President Obama and others to change the U.S. national anthem to Black Sabbath’s heavy metal classic, ‘War Pigs.’ The petition is currently signed by a whopping 13,549 supporters, and will allegedly be delivered to President Obama, Paul Ryan, Rand Paul, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Bernie Sanders. Sign the petition here.

The song, of course, excoriates war-mongering politicians with lyrics like, “Generals gathered in their masses / just like witches at black masses.” But Paul Ryan apparently doesn’t see the irony in his love of Rage Against the Machine, so maybe he’ll be into the idea.

Here’s Sabbath performing their anti-war classic in 1970:

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