4 Summer Reading Recommendations from Blonder

Stream Blonder's debut EP and check out his summer reading list

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Blonder photo by Shervin Lainez

It’s officially official: summer is finally here. Today, we’ve got your summer reading recommendations covered thanks to Blonder.

Blonder is the indie synthpop moniker of Constantine Anastasakis, who released his debut $5 EP on Friday. Contstantine took time out from touring in support of Day Wave to share four recommendations for books to read this summer.

Read Constantine’s book recommendations here and listen to Blonder’s $5 EP at the bottom of this post.

Raymond Carver: What We Talk About When We Talk About Love: Stories

raymond carver stories

Constantine says: “These cold and often depressing pieces cover the mundanity of life with a severity that feels so appropriate but never condescending to their subject: ordinary Americans in humdrum towns.”

Henry Miller, The Colossus of Maroussi 

The Colossus of Maroussi

Constantine says: “This is a really great travelogue of Henry Miller’s trip to Greece from Paris in the ’40s. I grew up going to Greece because my dad is from there originally. I just loved how accurately Miller captured a passionate culture that I have loved being a part of – and simultaneously saw from the outside.”

Chris Kraus, I Love Dick

chris kraus i love dick

Constantine says: “This is true post modern fiction, so incredibly good, so ’90s. It’s pretty much a series of love letters written to ‘dick’ but more about the writers themselves in the story – Chris and Sylvere. This is deep stuff that references critical theory culture and a specific community revolving around [independent publisher] Semiotext(e). So be ready for that, but it’s so good!”

Alberto Moravia, ‘The Chase’

alberto Moravia
Constantine says: “This is a short story by the Italian writer Alberto Moravia. This is a very important story to me and has never left me since I read it years and years ago. It’s written so well with this intro about a father and a son hunting, and this contrast between their respective attitudes – and that gets used as a metaphor when the son is older and in a committed relationship. There’s an incredible contrast between wildness and tameness. Basically this guy predictably falls into a comfortable spot with his wife and it becomes tame and loses the magic. He learns of her infidelity and follows her one day into a square where he sees her kissing someone else. Instead of breaking it up, he brings it back to the hunting experience with his father, and doesn’t want to tame the magic, but instead lets it be wild and unfettered. Just so beautiful. A must-read.”

Listen to Blonder’s $5 EP here:

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