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Don’t You Fucking Look at this ‘Blue Velvet’ Play Set

Teach your child about the power of nightmares with this fun toy!

blue velvet playset

David Lynch’s warped classic Blue Velvet includes many quotable lines of NSFW dialogue from Dennis Hopper’s indelible character Frank Booth (“Don’t you fuckin’ look at me!” “It’s daddy, you shithead, where’s my bourbon?”). Now your child can utter these obscenities too, while enjoying hours of fun with the Blue Velvet play set! The play set includes a decaying human ear, bottle of PBR (“Heineken! Fuck that shit!”), gas mask, and a swatch of blue velvet.

This prototype toy was made by SkullClown and displayed at Monsterpalooza’s Pasadena convention. Source: Dangerous Minds.

blue velvet playset

Here’s a scene from David Lynch’s 1986 masterpiece starring Dennis Hopper, Kyle MacLachlan, and Laura Dern:

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