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Bones Drops ‘Disgrace’ Mixtape (Listen)

Listen to the latest project from the prolific Cali rapper who specializes in ominous hip hop

bones disgrace

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California rapper Bones is a unique presence in hip hop. His visual aesthetic includes baleful black metal poses and the warbled textures of corroded VHS tapes (according to a feature at LA Weekly, Bones films his videos on an old family video camera that uses Hi8 tapes). Speaking of creepy old tapes, the cover of his new album Disgrace (which features a television in the woods, see below) looks like a nod to hit The Ring. That film-cassette-as-haunted-relic horror hit is the perfect allusion for a rapper who churns out songs that conjure foreboding sounds from your speakers. The prolific rapper, also known as Elmo O’Connor, dropped Disgrace early this morning via Soundcloud (listen below).

Bones has also been collaborating with human meme RiFF RAFF lately. The two are teasing a project called Cosmic Cabana 2, and Bones has announced that he’ll appear on a new RiFF RAFF album due January 29th.

Bones Disgrace cover art:

bones disgrace album

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