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Chastity’s Brandon Williams Finds Heaven And Hell On ‘Death Lust’

Williams says he wants to "promote life" in the face of darkness

Chastity interview Brandon Williams

Photo by Jesse Herzog

Hear a Chastity interview on today’s episode of the Culture Creature podcast. Listen in your podcast provider of choice, or via the audio player above. Chastity leader Brandon Williams sat down with Culture Creature host Dan Redding to discuss songwriting, the healing power of community, and his hometown of Whitby, Ontario. Chastity’s critically acclaimed debut LP, Death Lust, is out now.

Chastity Interview Highlights

Brandon Williams on the themes of Death Lust: “I think that by the end of the record, I find survival. I wanna promote survival. … We all have these little weird ways that we survive. Finding and promoting the healthy ways isn’t as popular as it should be. There’s parts of the record – ‘Negative With Reason To Be,’ ‘Anoxia,’ ‘Heaven Hell Anywhere Else’ – that talk about dying with my friends and dreaming of that. The record’s not fiction. Chastity’s not fictional. It goes there – but I’d like to promote life, or survival obsession. The idea that we can do this together, and that we give each other strength, and we should.”

Brandon Williams on songwriting: “Songwriting is like wringing the towel dry. Death Lust wrung the towel dry. But it’s been over a year since I wrote any of those songs. So, there’s much more towel, and a lot more has happened in my life. My phone has over 3,600 notes of [ideas] and little things I’ve heard out in public, riding the bus, hearing something, and I’m like, ‘It’s mine now.’ There’s tons of stuff. At the end of next month … I’m going to start sonically figuring these lyrics out and giving them a home.”

Chastity interview

Photo by Danny Scott Lane

Brandon Williams on Chastity’s audience: “I want my music to reach the kids who it was written for. It’s starting to. I want it to reach those skid kids like me. There are thousands of Whitbys. There are millions of skid kids.”

Brandon Williams on the rhythms in his music: “In my personality, I feel hyperactive a lot. Especially when I am required to be social, I get hyperactive and I can talk – but then I get exhausted, and I crash, and I get anxious afterwards. I think that was sort of captured, I hope, in [Death Lust].”

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