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Read the note that a 14-year-old Dave Grohl sent to Ian MacKaye

dave grohl school photo

Dave Grohl's school photo

Back in 2015, punk icon Ian MacKaye discovered a note that was sent to him in the eighties by a young Dave Grohl (the note was sent when Grohl was 14, which would’ve been sometime around 1983). MacKaye emailed the note to the Foo Fighters frontman, who published the note on Twitter:

In an interview with NME, Grohl explained the letter, saying, “Ian had sent me an email and said, ‘Look what I found, cleaning out my attic.’ And it was this little letter that I had sent him…. I think I was maybe 14 and I wrote Dischord Records a letter because I wanted someone to release my band’s demo tape. We were called Mission Impossible. I really wanted to be on Dischord because they were the label…. It’s my old phone number from when I was a kid, and I said call between 3 and 10 because I was in seventh grade or whatever it was, and then, I didn’t want him waking up my mom at night.”

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