Someone Paid $18,750 for a Lock of David Bowie’s Hair

The two-inch lock of hair sold at Heritage Auctions

David Bowie Hair

Outtake from David Bowie's 'Heroes' cover shoot by Masayoshi Sukita

A two-inch lock of David Bowie’s blonde hair sold at Heritage Auctions over the weekend. Pitchfork reports that the winning bidder paid $18,750 for the hair. The auction page reveals that the hair was sold affixed to a photograph of Bowie (see below) pictured with the current owner, “who worked as a Wig Mistress at Madame Tussauds in London.” Tasked with recreating Bowie’s hairdo for his wax sculpture at Tussauds, the young woman snipped a lock of hair from the actual Bowie during a sitting from the legendary musician.

David Bowie hair

David Bowie’s hair lock sold affixed to a photo of the artist

In a letter from the ‘Wig Mistress’ included with the auction, she recalled, “I remember Mr. Bowie being very relaxed about the whole episode as I approached with scissors quivering!”

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