Updated: Dead Cross Released From Police Custody

dead cross arrested

Instagram: @justinpearson31g

Update: According to a press release, “Members of Dead Cross were temporarily placed in police custody while in Houston on Aug. 15. The band … had their gear searched and were restrained during the inspection. The band members have been advised by legal counsel not to provide further comment on the incident. More information is expected to be made available from authorities following arraignment.”

Dead Cross have shared an image of members Justin Pearson and Michael Crain in handcuffs on the ground in front of a uniformed officer. The nature of the incident remains unclear; I have reached out to Pearson for comment.

On Instagram, Pearson wrote, “Your life can get worse. So can the world.” Mike Patton shared a news item about the incident on Facebook, while assuring the audience of tonight’s show: “Don’t worry Austin, we will make it there. Just a bump in the road.” Dave Lombardo shared the same image along with the caption, “This is happening and it’s not good. #jesuspolice #deadcross #criminals”

We’ll update you as this story develops. You can also listen to Justin Pearson on the Culture Creature podcast.

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