Interview: Deaf Poets Prove that Rock is Alive and Thriving in Miami

Deaf Poets are prepping the release of their thunderous new LP, 'Lost in Magic City'

deaf poets interview

Photo by Brian Hernandez

Miami rock duo Deaf Poets are prepping the release of their new album, Lost In Magic City, due May 5th. The album is jam-packed with monster riffs, stomping grooves, and vocal melodies galore. For a taste of Lost in Magic City, watch the band’s new video for ‘Celestine’ below.

Deaf Poets are Sean Wouters (lead vocals/guitar) and Nico Espinosa (vocals/percussion). The band were voted ‘Best Band of 2014’ by the Miami New Times – and though you may associate Miami with club culture and hip hop, Sean Wouters tells us that “rock is alive and welcomed in Miami!” Read our email interview with Wouters below.

Culture Creature: How did Deaf Poets evolve between 4150 and Lost In Magic City?

Sean Wouters: On 4150, Nico and I were experimenting with our writing and based the album on more than one direction. It was a collection of songs showcasing our heavier yet softer sides, whereas on Lost In Magic City, we wanted structure and a better representation of what we sound like live. Focusing more on simplicity rather then perfection.

What’s it like being in a rock band in Miami, which is largely dominated by other music genres?

Surprisingly ever-changing. When we’re on tour and tell the locals we’re from Miami people tend to be surprised. It’s small but without a doubt growing. We love Miami and are incredibly grateful for all the support the city and its community has given us. That’s why we named our new album Lost in Magic City in homage. The scene here is definitely multi-cultural; it’s typical to see DJs before rock bands and heavy metal groups with indie surf acts. Gramps in Wynwood, Kill Your Idol on Sobe, Las Rosas in the newer Wynwood and Churchill’s with Sweat Records are keeping the scene alive and active. We got [Miami music, art and tech festival] III Points killing the game every year with crazy lineups. North Beach Band Shell is dominating the beach and Bardot owns Midtown with live music and touring acts every single week. Rock is alive and welcomed in Miami!

You guys met in the fifth grade. What were the first bands that you bonded over?

That’s for sure AC/DC! Nico and I met back when we were kids but we didn’t really bond musically till 9th grade freshmen year. I remember when I first came over to his place and he’d play drums over ‘Shoot To Thrill’ blasting on the stereo.

What was the first song you wrote together, and how long did it take to find the band’s sound/style?

Our first EP, Illustrious Punks of Progress, was a mix of songs we wrote in a few days when we first started working on this project. We didn’t even have a band name yet. The first song written was called ‘It’s Alright’ and you can still find it on YouTube (along with our most recent music video, for ‘Celestine’). On Lost In Magic City, Nico and I comfortably exemplify what we want our tone and sound to be. I couldn’t really pinpoint how long it took us since we’re always experimenting and changing up the mix to keep things fun and new.

What album have you listened to more than any other?

This is a hard one; I think at least in my experience the only vinyl I bought new and played till it was scratched was Led Zeppelin I. It’s something about those massive drums and fuzzy guitars!

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