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Podcast: Dean Ween Discusses Dean Ween Group, Ween, Kurt Vile

The Deaner discusses his songwriting process, working with Kurt Vile, and more on the Culture Creature podcast

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Hear a new Dean Ween interview on today’s episode of the Culture Creature podcast. You’ll also hear a few excerpts from our 2016 Dean Ween interview. Listen via the player above or in your podcast provider of choice. 

The Deaner is preparing to release his second album with The Dean Ween Group. The album, titled rock2, is due for release on March 16th and is currently available for preorder. In our new Dean Ween interview, the Deaner discusses the new album, his songwriting process, and working with Kurt Vile.

Listen to ‘Don’t Let the Moon Catch You Crying,’ from The Dean Ween Group’s rock2:

Deaner On Working With Kurt Vile: “It’s Probably Gonna Turn Into A Record”

Dean Ween and Kurt Vile have been working in the studio together recently (see below). In our new interview, Deaner explained that the pair have written four songs together, saying, “We just tried it and it worked immediately. No feeling each other out, no fuckin’ butterflies, no hesitation. We both just jumped right in. That’s ninety-nine percent of it. When you get to that spot with somebody where they’re not afraid to fail on tape in front of you or embarass themselves. He’s that way. It’s probably gonna turn into a record. I shouldn’t be saying that, cuz I have no actual proof of that. He and I haven’t really talked about it, but I know that we can’t wait to do it again (laughter).”

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Posted by The Dean Ween Group on Saturday, February 10, 2018

Listen to the complete Dean Ween interview on the Culture Creature podcast.

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