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‘Die Hard’ is a Coloring Book Now, So Yippie-Ki-Yay or Whatever

die hard coloring book

Images: Twentieth Century Fox

Making it through 2016 is harder than the bar exam, but Die Hard is now an official coloring book, so at least there’s that. Die Hard: The Authorized Coloring and Activity Book, by Doogie Horner and Twentieth Century Fox, is available at Amazon now. The book allows “diehard Die Hard fans” to illustrate the following scenes for the first time:

  • Hans Gruber and his posse crash the Christmas party at Nakatomi and take the tower hostage;
  • John McClane’s limo ride with Argyle;
  • The tension-filled crawl through the building vents;
  • John’s morbid message delivery to Hans (written on the corpse of one of Hans’ men);
  • The famous bloody footprints;
  • And of course, John leaping off the Nakatomi tower.

It’s definitely the best coloring book since the Ween coloring book. Click to enlarge the images below (via Khoi Vinh).

die hard coloring book

die hard coloring book

die hard coloring book

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