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Hear Members of Misfits and Sevendust on the Culture Creature Podcast

Today's episode includes interviews with Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein of Misfits and John Connolly of Sevendust and Projected

doyle interview misfits

Photo by Jonas Rogowski

Today’s episode of the Culture Creature podcast includes interviews with two of the best guitarists in punk and metal: Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein (Misfits, Doyle) and John Connolly (Sevendust, Projected). Listen to the show via the player above or in your favorite podcast service.

Doyle Interview

doyle interview misfits

Photo by Jeremy Saffer

Doyle is a member of horror-punk icons Misfits, and he is also the leader of his eponymous band Doyle. Today on the podcast, Doyle discusses his new album Doyle II: As We Die, which is available now. Doyle also discusses an upcoming movie role, bodybuilding, and the 2016 reunion of Misfits’ classic lineup, saying “it was just like another day at the office.” Listen to the Doyle interview on today’s episode.

John Connolly Interview

john connolly interview

Photo by William Burkle

John Connolly is a founding member of Grammy-nominated metal pioneers Sevendust. He’s also the leader of Projected – a supergroup that also includes Sevendust bassist Vinnie Hornsby, Alter Bridge/Creed drummer Scott Phillips and Tremonti guitarist Eric “E-Rock” Friedman. Projected will release their double-LP Ignite My Insanity on July 21 (preorder now). Connolly also discusses the origins of Sevendust and the 20th anniversary of the band’s self-titled debut.

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