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Listen: Dune Rats, ‘Scott Green’

The Australian stoner punks refuse to let 2016 harsh their weed puns

dune rats scott green

Dune Rats

You might say there are two kinds of punk rock: the fight-for-what’s-right social issues variety, and the beer-bong and dumb-pun kind. The world needs both right now, and the new single ‘Scott Green’ by Australian stoner punks Dune Rats fits into the latter category – so take off your thinking cap and strap on your lampshade.

The Dune Rats’ phrase ‘Who’s Scott Green?’ is bud-finding code for ‘who’s got green?’ The song was produced by Zac Carper of FIDLAR. According to Dune Rats, “We made ‘Scott Green’ out at Joshua Tree in America with Zac from Fidlar. We had 5 days to write some songs in between tours in the US & UK and we busted out a fuckload of tunes having a blast in the middle of bumfuck nowhere. One day we went to ask people at Walmart if they ‘Scott Green?’ When we got back, Zac said ‘You better have a fuckin’ song after wasting a day looking for who’s got green. We just started making a song about the day – ‘Who’s Scott Green’ – and that was it.”

‘Scott Green’ is the first taste of Dune Rats’ forthcoming sophomore album, due in 2017 via Dine Alone Records. Listen here:


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