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Howling Guitars Invade Moments of Solace on Emma Ruth Rundle’s Captivating ‘Protection’

emma ruth rundle marked for death

Photo by Kristin Cofer

Emma Ruth Rundle has dropped two songs from her forthcoming album Marked for Death, due September 30 via Sargent House. Her latest, ‘Protection’ (listen below), finds a dynamic contrast when moments of intimacy are invaded by enormous, wailing guitars. The results are captivating.

Emma is a singer-songwriter who is also known for her work with rock bands Marriages and Red Sparowes. Marked for Death is her second release as a solo artist, following 2014’s Some Heavy Ocean.

Marked for Death finds Emma exploring her emotional vulnerability. As she explains in her press release, “The subject matter is largely about being defeated and shrunken into the base human themes of love and loss. It’s a far cry from high art. It’s very much from the dirt.”

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