Luigi is a Depressed Chain Smoker in Existentialist Video Game ‘Ennuigi’

The hilarious 'art game' reveals the contemplative, nihilistic side of Super Mario Bros.

ennuigi game

‘Ennuigi’ is a hilarious postmodern interpretation of Super Mario Bros. by game maker Josh Millard (play Ennuigi here). In the game, a sullen Luigi wanders a dark world, pausing occasionally to drag on his cigarette and muse at the futility of his existence. In fact, the game’s controls include only left and right movement, ‘ruminate’ and ‘smoke.’ When Luigi ruminates, text scrolls over the screen, expressing Luigi’s laconic observations: he recalls the time the Princess saw a shadow in his eyes, laments the hollow sound of turtle shells at his feet, and muses, “Maybe it’ll rain.”

Millard explains that Ennuigi was his attempt to “look critically at the universe of Super Mario Bros.,” and in particular at Luigi, “the second brother, the also-ran, as a complicit onlooker, wandering now through some fractured, rotting liminal place in this strange world, reflecting on it all in scattered fragments.” Millard’s critique sounds quite a bit like Werner Herzog’s existentialist musings in Grizzly Man. It’s hilarious.

‘Ennuigi’ comes from a breed of similar postmodern art games, like Pippin Barr’s ‘The Artist is Present’ – wherein the user does little more than wait in line at an art museum. Read more about Millard’s work in his explanation on Reddit or at Via PC Gamer

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