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5 Ways You Can Help Offset the Environmental Impact of President Trump

Here are five ways to help the environment by volunteering, donating, or writing to policymakers

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There are many Americans whose rights are at stake once President-elect Trump takes office: women, immigrants, and members of the LGBTQ community to name a few. The environment is going to need our attention, too – despite the fact that climate change received almost no attention during the presidential election debates. Trump is a climate change denier who is likely to dismantle much of President Obama’s climate policy.

Climate change feels daunting because it’s a global problem. But there are numerous ways to help. This list includes organizations that can help fight on a policy level as well as a local volunteering level. Trump’s presidency is a great reminder for us to “think global and act local.” Participating in small, local levels of preservation can be a great way to participate.

Here are five opportunities for taking action on the environment:

Join the Union of Concerned Scientists

The mission of The Union of Concerned Scientists is to “put rigorous, independent science to work to solve our planet’s most pressing problems. Joining with citizens across the country, we combine technical analysis and effective advocacy to create innovative, practical solutions for a healthy, safe, and sustainable future.”

UCS President Ken Kimmel wrote a moving blog post about Trump’s election, saying, “we will do everything we can to communicate directly with the Trump team about the benefits of science-based decision making and the importance of addressing climate change, our food supply, and nuclear weapons, among many other things.” Kimmel noted that highlighting the jobs potential in those tasks might appeal to Trump and his economic goals.

The Union of Concerned Scientists offers an opportunity to tell Trump that you stand with science. Donate now at

Volunteer with The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy has an interactive map providing location-based environmental volunteer opportunities. Opportunities range from science and research programs to hands-on volunteer work protecting local spaces and species. You can also donate to The Nature Conservancy.

Donate to Sierra Club

The Sierra Club wants you to know that they are not giving up. “We are not licking our wounds,” reads the organization’s website, “we are preparing for the fights to come. Fight Back Against Trump.” The organization’s goals include transitioning away from fossil fuel dependency, nature preservation, and currently, fighting the Dakota Access pipeline. Donate to Sierra Club today.

Volunteer with New York Cares

New Yorkers can volunteer with an environment program at New York Cares. These programs allow residents to “revitalize and beautify public green spaces such as parks and gardens.” New York Cares has an array of volunteer services, and you can also make a donation.

Join Citizens’ Climate Lobby

Members of the CCL like to say that “Action is the antidote to despair.” Like all of the organizations on this list, the Citizens’ Climate Lobby has taken Trump’s election as an urgent call to action. From CCL’s mission statement: “Citizens’ Climate Lobby is committed to two purposes: (1) to create the political will for a stable and sustainable climate and (2) to empower individuals to have a breakthrough in exercising their personal and political power.” You can join CCL or make a donation.

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