Watch Foo Fighters Rickroll The Westboro Baptist Church

Rick Astley's 'Never Gonna Give You Up' celebrates its 30th anniversary today

foo fighters rickroll

Rick Astley’s megahit/meme sensation ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ celebrates its 30th anniversary today. Astley himself took to Twitter to celebrate the milestone of the song that birthed a million ‘rickrolls’ (a prank involving an unexpected appearance of the song).

Perhaps the best rickroll ever occurred in 2015 when Foo Fighters rickrolled the hate speech purveyors of the Westboro Baptist Church. At the time, the Foos were in Kansas City to play a show at Sprint Center, and the Westboro Baptist Church were protesting outside (as is their custom whenever the Foos are in town, according to Rolling Stone). The Foo Fighters launched their own counter-protest by pulling up in a flatbed truck, blaring ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ while dancing and holding signs reading “YOU GOT RICKROLLED.” Dave Grohl and all of his bandmates are in the truck, making for the funniest and most peaceful protest ever. Watch here:

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