Fugazi Still Performs Privately, According To Ian MacKaye

Fugazi never broke up – they just went underground

fugazi reunion

Dischord Records

Punk fans often pine for a Fugazi reunion – but according to Fugazi leader Ian MacKaye, that’s something of a misunderstanding of the band’s current status. During a recent episode of the Culture Creature podcast, I asked MacKaye about the band’s current status. MacKaye reiterated a point that I’ve heard him make about Fugazi before: “We still are in the band together with each other, regardless of what people think.” 

I followed up by asking, “Have you guys ever jammed just for fun at any point?” He replied, “Oh, sure – over the years? Sure, of course, yeah. But really – purely just to play music together because that’s what we love to do.”

So Fugazi still exists – they’ve just gone underground (literally, if their private performances occur in the basement of Dischord House). MacKaye went on to discuss the ramifications that he feels complicate the potential for a public Fugazi performance, including the ticket resale market, band members’ personal circumstances, and more.

Listen to the complete Ian MacKaye interview on the Culture Creature podcast.

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