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Get To Know Rising Electronic Artist George Clanton

George Clanton Interview

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Hear a George Clanton interview on today’s episode of Culture Creature. Listen to the podcast episode via the player above or in your podcast provider of choice. 

George Clanton is a pop and electronic artist whose new album Slide received praise from Pitchfork and The Needle Drop. George’s other music projects include ESPRIT 空想 and Mirror Kisses. His music is available through his record label, 100% Electronica.

George Clanton Interview Highlights

George Clanton on validation: “When you’re making music, it’s a different kind of personal validation, like, ‘Yes, I’ve still got it, I love the way this sounds. This song didn’t exist a minute ago, and now it does.’ It’s like, ‘Great, it’s here forever.’ It’s like a child, it’s like giving birth to something that doesn’t die, because you put it on the internet, it’s there forever… if somebody wants to find it. I love what I do! I guess that’s what I’m saying.”

George Clanton on fame:It’s unexplainable what it feels like for strangers to be singing your songs. I can’t imagine what Kanye… Kanye West is fucking insane. I’m sure he is. If I was in the same position as he is, I would be way crazier than him, I’m sure. People don’t give celebrities any leeway. It’s ridiculous. I am such a nobody, and it’s really hard for me to keep my head on straight. I just feel like I’m working constantly and I feel like everything is a big deal.”

George Clanton on career motivations: “Anyone who says that they’re not trying to validate themselves – that they’re not insecure – and they’re in this line of work, they’re lying. The reason that you push for this is that you want someone to tell you that you’ve done a good job, that they like you, that they think you’re a valid person. Ultimately, deep down, that’s my deep, dark reason why I do it.”

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