Ghostface Killah Joined Rich Chigga for a ‘Dat $tick’ Remix, Like He Promised

This summer, Ghostface Killah promised to hop on Rich Chigga's viral hit, 'Dat $tick.' He was true to his word.

ghostface killah dat stick

This summer, 17 year-old rapper Rich Chigga’s ‘Dat $tick’ video went viral, and then a ‘reaction’ video of rappers watching it got a lot of attention, too. In that video, Wu-Tang legend Ghostface Killah stunned Chigga’s manager by casually remarking that he’d rhyme on a remix of the song. “That’s dope,” Ghostface said. “I’ll get on that track.”

Ghost was true to his word. Today, Chigga dropped a ‘Dat $tick’ remix video featuring verses from Ghostface Killah and Pouya. Ghost’s face is superimposed over Chigga’s in the video, which you can watch here:

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