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Interview: Grim Streaker Are The Mischievous Punk Ruckus You’ve Been Waiting For

Listen to an interview with Grim Streaker vocalist Amelia Bushell on the Culture Creature podcast

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Photo by Isobel Shirley

Today on the Culture Creature podcast: an interview with Amelia Bushell, vocalist of Brooklyn punk band Grim Streaker. Listen to the Grim Streaker interview via the player above, or in iTunes or your favorite podcast service. Make sure you subscribe to the Culture Creature podcast, and listen to our interviews with members of Code Orange, Faith No More, Fugazi, Gojira and more.

This episode includes an interview with Bushell, and you’ll also hear the song ‘Miami Girl’ from Grim Streaker’s Girl Minority EP, which is due for release on July 7th. Bushell discusses her musical background, Grim Streaker’s formation, British cultural customs, past lives, and more.

Grim Streaker formed in Brooklyn in 2016, and consists of Bushell, guitarists Dan Peskin and Micah Weisberg, bassist Bill Dvorak and drummer Piyal Basu. The band released its debut single, ‘Guts’ (listen), in January. Grim Streaker are quickly gaining a reputation for its raucous sound and for Bushell’s wild stage antics.

“I definitely have always wanted to be that kind of a performer,” Amelia tells Dan Redding in this Grim Streaker interview. “Growing up, I was pretty shy, but when I could be, I could be pretty funny. I could be the class clown if I wanted to be – and that was where I felt my best. When I’m around people that I can make laugh and be really goofy and insane, that’s where I feel my best. … There’s different sides of me. I’m not living my life as a punk rocker in any way. You know? But it doesn’t mean that there’s not parts of my personality that totally reflect the sort of punk mindset or whatever, ‘cuz there is.”

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Grim Streaker live photos (from the band’s June 8 performance at Matchless) by Joselito Pardillo:

grim streaker interview grim streaker interview grim streaker interview grim streaker interview grim streaker interview grim streaker interview

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