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This 1993 Guns N’ Roses Album Cover Includes a Message Encrypted in the Zodiac Killer’s Code

Weirdest GN'R trivia ever.

guns n roses spaghetti incident zodiac

So there is one interesting thing about “The Spaghetti Incident?”, the incredibly lazy covers album/cash-in released by Guns N’ Roses in 1993. I never noticed it before (why the hell would you), but there’s a tiny, hidden message written on the cover – and it’s encrypted in the cypher of the infamous Zodiac Killer.

guns n roses spaghetti incident

The code almost looks like a barcode or corporate fine print – it’s easy to miss. But back in 2008, fans on this Guns N’ Roses forum did some detective work and decrypted the message. The message says ‘FUCKEM ALL.’

spaghetti incident zodiac

It’s not the first time that Axl Rose expressed a fascination with murderous madmen. His interest in Charles Manson is well-documented; his Manson t-shirt was central to his iconic Use Your Illusion-era wardrobe, and the band covered the Charles Manson song ‘Look at Your Game, Girl’ on “The Spaghetti Incident?”.

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