Listen: Henry Rollins Interviews Mike Patton

Patton was a guest on Rollins' KCRW radio show

mike patton henry rollins

Photos: SAWA/ceedub13

Last night, Mike Patton appeared on Henry Rollins’ KCRW radio show for an interview and a bit of guest DJ-ing. The episode is now available to stream online via KCRW. Patton selected a wide variety of music to play on the show; the eclectic selections seemed to represent his boundless taste.

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During the interview segments of the two-hour show, Patton and Rollins discussed Patton’s new band, Dead Cross. Patton recalled that when he was asked to join Dead Cross, he thought: “I’m a fifty year old man – almost fifty – do I wanna do a hardcore band at this age? Can I do it? Fifteen seconds later, I said yes.”

The pair discussed a wide range of musical artists including George Clinton, Bad Brains, and Chet Baker. Patton also dropped a potential bit of news when Rollins asked him how many albums he made with his other supergroup, Tomahawk. Patton exclaimed, “There might be one more!” Here’s hoping.

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