Here’s Why Some Fans Think Radiohead Could Release New Music Tomorrow

Mysterious postcard + 'Dawn Chorus Day' = ??

radiohead bear logo

Radiohead's 'bear' logo is embossed on mysterious postcards sent to fans

Radiohead are hyping their imminent ninth LP with promo postcards sent via snail mail. The postcard, plus tomorrow’s designation as ‘Dawn Chorus Day’ have some fans speculating that the band might release a single (possibly of a song called ‘Burn the Witch’) or album tomorrow.

First, the mysterious postcard that’s been sent to some UK fans. The postcards read “sing the song of sixpence that goes BURN THE WITCH we know where you live.” ‘Burn the Witch’ is the name of a Radiohead song that may have existed in some form for almost a decade. Some Redditors have concluded that ‘Burn the Witch’ might therefore be the first single from ‘LP9.’

radiohead mysterious postcard

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Tomorrow – May 1st –  is ‘Dawn Chorus Day.’  According to the International Dawn Chorus Day website, “International Dawn Chorus Day is the worldwide celebration of nature’s symphony.” My understanding is that Dawn Chorus Day is a nature appreciation day started by an environmentalist. The organization tweeted that the holiday is “the world’s most musical day.”

The connection to Radiohead is that the band recently formed a new company called Dawn Chorus LLP. The combined implications of the postcard and the Dawn Chorus company have fans wondering if Radiohead has something up its sleeve for tomorrow.

Radiohead fans on Reddit are positively freaking out about it all:

radiohead reddit freakouts

Redditors freaking out.


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