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Iggy Pop Brings Punk Vitriol to Lo-Fi Blues on New Song ‘Asshole Blues’

Iggy sings and plays guitar on the new song, in which he laments, "Asshole, when are you gonna die?"

iggy pop asshole blues

Photo by Masayoshi Sukita

Punk legend Iggy Pop has released a new song, ‘Asshole Blues,’ as part of a new flexi disc series on the record label Mag Mag, which was founded by the band Jacuzzi Boys. It’s a traditional lo-fi acoustic blues song which Iggy performs on guitar while singing in his distinctive mournful warble.

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Iggy brings punk vitriol to this traditional blues song. Explaining the song to Rolling Stone, Iggy said, “I wrote a blues song about an asshole who’s out to get me. It’s full of negative energy.” Listen here:

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