This Interactive Music Tool Will Take You on a Journey Through Pop History

The site features every hit song of the past half-century, jockeying for peak chart positions in real time

pop music history chart

The pop music of my childhood is vivid in my memories. Take 1991, for example. I was eleven and Nirvana was about to take over the world – but most of the music that reigned that year was not revolutionary punk rock. I remember hearing P.M. Dawn’s evocative ‘Set Adrift On Memory Bliss’ on the radio while I scrubbed the family Subaru. I recall the night that Right Said Fred’s megahit ‘I’m Too Sexy’ made a bizarre soundtrack to basketball practice at middle school.

Visit this amazing interactive visualizer of hit songs by the fine people at Polygraph, and this is the type of jaunt down memory lane that you’ll experience. The tool features audio from every top 5 song from 1958–2016, shown in real time as they rose through the charts. You can jump through time, relive the soundtrack of your youth, and explore the evolution of popular music over time.

Put on your headphones and check out How Music Taste Evolved.

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