‘Frightening’ Iron Maiden Poster Banned in Lithuania

Here's hoping the controversy converts some young Lithuanians to metalheads

iron maiden poster banned

Illustration used in 'frightening' Iron Maiden posters

Posters for Iron Maiden’s ‘Book of Souls’ tour have been banned in Lithuania, Newsweek reports. The poster features the band’s mascot, Eddie, ripping out his own heart in a ritualistic, Aztec-themed setting. Newsweek quotes a translated version of an article at news site Delfi. According to a spokesperson for Live Nation (who is handling promotion for the tour), “local authorities had expressed concern at the effect this might have on children and ordered all posters be taken down immediately.”

Here’s the poster in question:

Ironically, Maiden’s artwork has been luring kids into heavy metal fandom for decades. So if this story has any effect on the children of Lithuania, hopefully it will have the same effect that heavy metal censorship usually does: converting a bunch of kids into young metalheads.

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