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Ariel Engle: The Voice Of Broken Social Scene And La Force

Ariel Engle interview

Photo by Norman Wong

Listen to an Ariel Engle interview now on the Culture Creature podcast. Hear the full episode in your podcast provider of choice or via the audio player above.

Ariel’s self-titled album as La Force is available now. She is also a member of Broken Social Scene. Today on the podcast, Ariel discusses the story of “birth and death” that informed her new album. She and Culture Creature host Dan Redding also discuss Broken Social Scene, Prince’s live show, Banksy, and more.

Ariel Engle Interview Highlights

Ariel Engle on the meaning of La Force: “It’s inspired by the tarot card of the same name. It’s a woman opening a lion’s mouth. I like it for many reasons. I like something that doesn’t need explanation or also doesn’t need to be reduced to one thing. That’s what’s beautiful about pictures. It’s also what’s beautiful about music – it’s up for interpretation. I loved having a band name that is first and foremost an image. I happened to love the image of a woman standing in her strength or with her animal nature… Power is a dynamic. Power is a kind of taming and acquiescence. And I definitely am responding to what I see as abuses of power.”

Ariel Engle on emotional intelligence: “Some people are very good with facts and information retention. It’s impressive. But when you’re not that person, like me… I’m interested in a world where the senses and sensitivity and perception are valued over fact, news, fake news. They’re just harder to measure, these things.”

Listen to the complete Ariel Engle interview now on the Culture Creature podcast.

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