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Listen: Loma, ‘Relay Runner’

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Photo by Bryan C. Parker

Loma are new band comprised of Jonathan Meiburg, Emily Cross and Dan Duszynski. The band are preparing to release their self-titled debut album on February 16th via Sub Pop. Loma recently shared their hypnotic new song, ‘Relay Runner,’ listen below.

The trio recorded Loma in a rural Texas house during a strangely charged time. When they began recording, Cross and Duszynski were a married couple, but their relationship ended during the sessions—an atmosphere Meiburg found both challenging and inspiring. The isolated house and the wilderness surrounding it became the album’s muse; ‘Relay Runner’ includes the sounds of cicadas and frogs from a nearby stream.

Meiburg described the song: “’Relay Runner’ was the happiest accident on the record. We discovered it when we wired up a tremolo pedal the wrong way, and got this funny, stuttering loop – and then we built a whole song around that sound. The last thing we did in the mix was erase the loop, which had gone from inspiring the song to ruining it! But it made sense that what was left underneath was a song about how to escape from a sealed room.”

‘Relay Runner’ follows Loma’s immersive, intimate single ‘Black Willow.’ Watch Loma’s ‘Black Willow’ video here:

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