Hear Excerpts Of The ‘Lost’ Sunny Day Real Estate Album (Plus Exclusive Interview)

sunny day real estate interview

L to R: Sunny Day Real Estate's Hoerner, Enigk, and Mendel in 2010. Photos by feiticeira_org

UPDATE: William Goldsmith has written a new statement confirming that he is referring to Sunny Day Real Estate recording sessions at Dave Grohl’s Studio 606 in 2011.

Sunny Day Real Estate drummer William Goldsmith is making headlines today because of comments he made in a Facebook post (see below). In the post, Goldsmith laments the loss of the “greatest Sunny Day Real Estate record ever made,” while stating that the material “remains silenced, abandoned and buried within the murkiest depths of David Grohl’s sock drawer.”

The following is another side to the story, according to Sunny Day Real Estate guitarist Dan Hoerner. I interviewed Hoerner for this publication in 2016. I will publish excerpts of that (previously unpublished) interview here for the first time.

Long story short: Hoerner said that Sunny Day Real Estate decided that their unfinished new material was not good enough to release. According to Hoerner, SDRE spent time recording new music at a recording studio called Studio 606 in 2011. Studio 606 is owned by Dave Grohl (who is connected to Sunny Day Real Estate through Foo Fighters/SDRE bassist Nate Mendel). According to Hoerner:

It was really rough living at Studio 606 together for a month. Sleeping on the floor and living there. … This was in 2011. That was really tough and I think that really strained it. Nate said it best, he said, ‘We tried to make music, and it wasn’t very good, it kinda fell apart.’

Hoerner said that the band’s 2009 reunion tour was fantastic and that a lot of relationships had been mended. But recording new music was a different story:

But in the recording studio, we just hit a wall where we were unable to record music that was as good as we wanted it to be. Like I said, Nate just said it fell apart, and if we weren’t gonna be able to make new music, there was no way we were gonna try and just rehash the same old thing again.

Hoerner says that the only music that was completed with vocals was the one-off single ‘Lipton Witch’:

Around 2011–2012, when it was apparent that the recording session was gonna fall apart, and Jeremy wasn’t going to be doing any vocals on anything, a couple years later, we dredged up one song – ‘Lipton Witch,’ which actually was kinda cool, and Jeremy was inspired enough to at least put vocals on that one.

That explanation matches up with Goldsmith’s audio excerpts, which do not have vocals.

Perhaps Sunny Day Real Estate fans can hope for another reunion or new material now that Enigk is has finished his recent solo album.

Here’s William Goldsmith’s post:

Recently by way of objective ears I have been reminded of the fact that the greatest Sunny Day Real Estate record ever…

Posted by William Goldsmith on Monday, December 3, 2018

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