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Hear Interviews and New Music From Madeline Kenney, Blis., and Melkbelly

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L to R: Madeline Kenney, Aaron Gossett of Blis., Melkbelly's Miranda Winters

Today on the Culture Creature podcast, you’ll hear interviews and songs from three awesome rising artists: Madeline Kenney, Blis., and Melkbelly. Listen to the podcast episode via the player above or in your podcast provider of choice. Culture Creature is a podcast featuring the best interviews in music – and it’s also a podcast where you can discover new bands and hear new songs that you love.

Madeline Kenney Interview

Madeline Kenney is an indie rock musician living in Oakland, California. On today’s episode, Madeline discusses neuroscience, writing love songs with a dash of humor, and her debut LP, Night Night At The First Landing. You’ll hear Madeline Kenney’s soaring and indelible song, ‘Big One.’ The song’s rousing chorus is likely to stay stuck in your head for weeks.

Blis. Interview

Blis. are an Atlanta emo band whose breakout LP No One Loves You has been receiving critical acclaim since its October release. The band combines guitar-driven heft with the ethereal vocals of frontman Aaron Gossett. Today on the Culture Creature podcast, Gossett discusses the deeply personal themes that informed the album – including fatherhood, family and God. You’ll hear the Blis. song ‘Take Me Home.’

Melkbelly Interview

Melkbelly are a Chicago rock band consisting of guitarist and vocalist Miranda Winters, guitarist Bart Winters, bassist Liam Winters, and drummer James Wetzel. Melkbelly are a family affair: Miranda and Bart are husband and wife, and Liam is Bart’s brother. The band’s killer new LP Nothing Valley is a standout of 2017. Today on the podcast, Miranda Winters discusses her affinity for dissonant songwriting, her appreciation of The Breeders, and more. You’ll hear the Melkbelly ripper ‘Off The Lot.’

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