Interview: Australian Singer Mallrat On Guardian Angels, Songwriting, and Veganism

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Photo by Sean Pyke

Mallrat is a rising 19 year-old Australian musician with a penchant for breezy melodies and earworm choruses. Her songs have already racked up millions of streams despite the fact that Mallrat (a.k.a Grace Shaw) only recently graduated from high school. Mallrat’s name was inspired by a scrappy song by The Orwells – which makes sense for this defiantly unpretentious singer. She has previously described her music as ‘bubblegum rap,’ but her newest song ‘Better’ finds her evolving into something decidedly more pop than hip hop. Listen to ‘Better’ here and read a brief Mallrat interview below:

Mallrat Interview

Culture Creature: You mention angels several times in the lyrics to ‘Better.’ What was the inspiration for those angels?

Mallrat: I have a lot of angels looking after me! I always feel them around and they help me make all my decisions, I wanted to put them in a song as a thank you.

You’ve said that it took roughly a year to get ‘Better’ to sound exactly like it did in your head. What are the biggest challenges of that process of getting a song out of your head and into a recording?

The initial idea wasn’t the difficult part! It only took me an hour or so to record the vocals. The hardest part was the drums; we tried so many different patterns and sounds, and all of the little changes had a big impact on the mood of the song. I had to really sit and think about what I wanted the song to feel like and how I was going to make it feel that way.

What was one incident or moment that was instrumental in your decision to go vegan?

There was no big moment! I went vegan quite soon after I started making music. My beautiful little sister was recently vegan and so were a lot of great people I had just met through music. So all of a sudden it seemed like a very easy and practical thing. I immediately felt more energetic, creative and in touch with my intuition, it’s definitely something that I recommend everybody keeps an open mind to.

If you could have any work of art in the world in your home, what would you choose?

A huge Kanye poster.

What’s something in Brisbane or Australia (not counting friends and family) that you miss the most when you are traveling?

My dog Charlie! And a place near my house that does really yum coconut gelato.

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