Websurdity: A Roundup of the Most Bizarre Stories on the Internet

This week: Marina Joyce Conspiracy, the Face-Melting Dab, Utility Kilt Commercials

weird stuff on the internet

The internet is a world of extreme absurdity. In this new feature called Websurdity, I present some of the most mind-boggling internet phenomena of the week:

Marina Joyce Conspiracy Theories

marina joyce conspiracy

Marina Joyce is a popular YouTube beauty vlogger. The 19 year-old British woman built a fanbase of millions with her makeup tutorials and apparel modeling. This summer, things got strange when Joyce’s behavior grew increasingly erratic. In one video, Joyce repeats phrases in a compulsive manner. In another, a gun appears in the background behind Joyce (look next to the dresser in this video around 1:49). In yet another, Joyce appears to have bruises on her arms. One concerned viewer compiled a list of strange or alarming incidents in Joyce’s videos.

Soon, Marina’s followers began taking notice of the strange changes in her behavior and videos. They theorized that Joyce had been kidnapped by a boyfriend – or even Isis terrorists – who were abusing her. The hashtag #FreeMarinaJoyce trended on Twitter. The police were notified, visited Joyce’s home, and tweeted that Joyce was “safe and well.” YouTube star PewdiePie sarcastically took responsibility for Joyce’s behavior (he remarked, “she’s clearly having some kind of mental breakdown, which technically I am making fun of”). The Guardian published a thinkpiece titled The strange case of Marina Joyce and internet hysteria.

Joyce and her family maintain that it’s all a misunderstanding. Marina’s mother Cheryl told The Guardian that “She’s just been caught in the middle of something peculiar that the pair of us don’t even understand.” The whole thing is easily one of the strangest internet stories of the year.

Dab of Death

CustomGrow420 is a cannabis-themed YouTube channel hosted by dudes who look like Denver if Denver was a person. In the above video, two dudes challenge themselves to smoke a hit of dabs (highly concentrated THC oil) that’s so intense, it causes their faces to literally melt.

Utility Kilt Commercials

Utilikilts is a Seattle-based company that sells ‘utility kilts’: kilts that have been macho-ed up with lots of cargo pockets and rivets. Years ago, the company held contests where fans made ‘mock-u-mercials’ displaying their love of the product. In many cases, these fans overcompensate for their own self-consciousness about wearing a kilt. Other common traits of Utilikilt mock-u-mercials include bad fake Scottish accents and phallus fixation.

This first video is a bullying revenge fantasy where Scottish hero William Wallace avenges bullying with more bullying, which leads to a final climactic incident of bullying:

This dude also seems a tad touchy about his choice of apparel:

This dude was a 2007 grand prize winner for his video about getting tattooed with the Utilikilts logo and welding a metal figurine that has a cock. He also found the ‘freedom’ to infringe the copyright of Rage Against the Machine.

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