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Podcast: Meet Rising Indie Pop Band Men I Trust

Emma says the songs of Men I Trust are "about finding yourself, finding your truth, and belonging to something bigger"

Men I Trust band interview

Men I Trust are a dreamy pop band from Montreal. Hear an interview with Men I Trust frontwoman Emma on today’s episode of the Culture Creature podcast. Listen to the Men I Trust interview via the player above or in your podcast provider of choice. You’ll also hear the band’s recent single, ‘Show Me How.’

Men I Trust Interview: Highlights

Emma on performing onstage:I feel more calm [onstage] than in real life. When I was young, I used to always do little shows and stuff, doing ballet… My mother told me, ‘You look more calm on the stage than you do in real life. People don’t believe me that you’re a pain in the ass at home when they see you doing a show.’ It focuses my attention and my soul, I would say. I feel calmer.”

Emma on bicycles and trains in Men I Trust music videos: “We joke about the fact that we love transportation! It involves movement, and I think that movement is healthy for the brain and for the body. It means change. But there’s no really big plot behind the videos – it’s spontaneous. We like women; they look good and they look strong and they look feminine. For us – having a small team and not having a big budget – this was the easiest way to put movement and beauty in a video.”

Men I Trust band

Illustration by Dan Redding

Emma on creativity:I think you are creative when you can make some space in your head. Some people say that creativity comes when there’s more trouble, or when they are sad, or when they have a difficult relationship. To me, I really need to be in peace in my life to be able to be productive, and so I can be comfortable looking back in my memories and thinking about the future, and really settle down to be creative. Troubled times are not good for me – it blocks me from achieving things.”

Men I Trust’s studio lineup is Dragos, Jessy, and Emma. The band’s live lineup is a little bit different, consisting of Dragos, Emma, Mathieu, and Alexis. Watch the video for ‘Show Me How’ by Men I Trust:

This episode also includes a teaser for the Culture Creature interview with Ben Harper.

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