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This One-Off Supergroup Featured Members of Metallica and Faith No More

The band known as The Chickenfuckers consisted of Metallica's Cliff Burton with most of Faith No More

metallica faith no more chickenfuckers

L to R: Jim Martin, Bill Gould, Cliff Burton, Mike Bordin

Sometime in 1984 or 1985, a band called The Chickenfuckers played one show at San Francisco’s Mabuhay Gardens. This one-night-only band consisted of legendary Metallica bassist Cliff Burton and three members of Faith No More: guitarist Jim Martin, drummer Mike ‘Puffy’ Bordin, and Bill Gould, who took the role of vocalist for this casual, just-for-fun jam session. Burton, Bordin, and Martin were old buddies from a band they’d been in together previously.

In Steffan Chirazi’s 1994 book Faith No More: The Real Story, Bill Gould recalled: “So just to fuck around, me, Puffy, Cliff and Jim got this one-off band together called The Chickenfuckers. We got as drunk and wasted as we could and opened for 45 Grave at the Mabuhay Gardens in San Francisco. I was singing and smoked two joints, Puffy’s kick drum had a picture of a chicken with a dick down its throat and a pentagram, which was how seriously we took things.”

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Gould also reminisced about the event in a recent interview with Culture Creature. “It was ridiculous,” he said with a laugh. “I’d never sung in a band before, and I’ve never sung in one since. I think I drank a half a bottle of whiskey during that performance. It was kind of an ‘anything goes’ jam, just try to go as out there as possible. Unfortunately for that reason, I remember very little of it…. It was a complete open improv. It was fun.”

Sounds like a fun rock and roll experiment. Cliff Burton tragically passed away in 1986.

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