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Listen: Mise en Scene, ‘Show Me You’re Real’

The Winnipeg grunge-pop quartet say they are a "band who is not afraid of simplicity, repetition, and a good hook"

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Winnipeg grunge-pop quartet Mise en Scene have released ‘Show Me You’re Real’ (listen below), a cut from their sophomore full-length album (due out this summer on Light Organ Records). That album will follow the band’s debut full-length, 2012’s Desire’s Despair.

Mise en Scene was founded by art school friends Stefanie Blondal Johnson and Jodi Dunlop, who are joined by Corey Hykawy (bass) and Dave Gagnon (guitar) for their latest effort & tour. Listen to ‘Show Me You’re Real’ here and read an email interview with drummer Jodi Dunlop below:

Culture Creature: How did Mise en Scene evolve on its second album?

Jodi Dunlop: Desire’s Despair was our happy accident. This album is much more planned and intentional.

How would you describe the music scene in Winnipeg?

The music scene in Winnipeg is extremely diverse and inclusive. The talent in Winnipeg is unreal; we have so many super creative people here. Artists in Winnipeg aren’t afraid to take chances and be originals. That alone sets the Winnipeg music scene apart from so many others.

What was the lyrical inspiration for ‘Show Me You’re Real’?

Too many encounters with people who spend hours developing their online persona, but who forget to develop their personality in real life.

Is catchiness something you focus on in your songwriting?

Catchiness is never a main focus for us; it just always tends to come naturally. We’re a band who is not afraid of simplicity, repetition, and a good hook… All key ingredients to catchiness!

Catch Mise en Scene live at SXSW on 3/16 and 3/18.

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