The Reunited Misfits Played Riot Fest (Photos, Video)

misfits reunion live

Misfits with Riot Fest founder Matt Petryshn. Photo via Riot Fest.

The Misfits performed their first reunion show with Danzig at Riot Fest Denver last night. It was the first time that Danzig and Jerry Only have performed together since 1983. Ex-Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo was on the kit. This lineup, billed as ‘The Original Misfits,’ will perform at Riot Fest Chicago on September 18.

View photos and video from the event:

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Misfits reunion in Denver!!! Photo by @ceselii #misfits #themisfits #samhain #danzig #glenndanzig #riotfest #fiendclub

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#misfits #riotfest Last Caress

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A video posted by Oskar Andarza (@oskarandarza) on


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