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Mix Master Mike On His Long Collaboration With Beastie Boys: “It Was A Match Made In Heaven”

Hear the pioneering DJ open up about Beastie Boys history and more on the Culture Creature podcast

mix master mike interview

Photo by Fabio Venni

Today on the Culture Creature podcast: an interview with Mix Master Mike. Mike rocked the globe with the Beastie Boys for many years and was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame with the band in 2012. He was recently announced as one of the opening performers on the US leg of Metallica’s 2017 ‘WorldWired’ tour. Listen to the complete Mix Master Mike interview via the player above or in your podcast provider of choice.

Mix Master Mike Interview Highlights

Mix Master Mike on joining the Beastie Boys:I felt like I was groomed for it. I understand their concepts, I understood their way of production, I studied the lyrics of course and everything. I felt like I groomed myself to become their DJ. I felt like I had something for them that they were missing in this department. It was a match made in heaven. The stars are aligned.”

Mix Master Mike on Beastie Boy Adam Yauch:Everything he did – he was our wild card and the captain of the ship. He pretty much was that guy that you knew he was gonna give you sixteen bars that was unique. You know, his flow, his lyrical delivery and his voice. His voice  – you’re never gonna come across a voice like that in hip hop. That goes for all of the Beastie Boys, but Yauch particularly, anything he did, I couldn’t wait.”

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