Listen: Motor Teresa Unleashes “Jubilant Math Metal” On Debut EP

motor teresa

It’s time to feast your ears on the self-titled debut EP from Brooklyn instrumental prog trio Motor Teresa. The band consists of Chando Yun (guitar), Joe Mastracchio (bass), and Matt O’Koren (drums). Their EP was mixed & mastered by Bjorn Winberg (who also mixes and composes music for the Culture Creature podcast). Motor Teresa provides the following bio:

Motor Teresa is a heavy instrumental prog trio formed in the spring of 2017 by former members of weirdo Brooklyn rock outfits Wonderbreed and Tween. Leaving behind any vestigial sensibilities of ‘normal music’ from their earlier bands, and deciding once and for all that vocals are a waste of time, Motor Teresa forged ahead towards a new brand of jubilant math metal. The band melds the angular sonic density of 70s King Crimson with the jangly quirks of Don Caballero. Motor Teresa presents a sometimes violent, sometimes whimsical, always blasphemous take on rock-n-roll, leaving just enough space for a certain off-tempo bone-headedness — think AC/DC on bath salts.”

If “AC/DC on bath salts” didn’t pique your interest, then you’d better check your pulse. Listen to Motor Teresa’s self-titled EP here:

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