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Title Fight’s Ned Russin: The Culture Creature Interview

Listen to an in-depth podcast interview with Ned Russin of Title Fight and Glitterer

Ned Russin interview

Photo by Sean Dolan

Today, we bring you a huge new podcast interview with Ned Russin of Title Fight and Glitterer. Listen to this episode of the Culture Creature podcast via the player above or in your podcast provider of choice.

Ned and Culture Creature host Dan Redding sat down for a wide-ranging discussion that touches on Glitterer’s new Not Glitterer EP, the making of Title Fight albums including Hyperview and Floral Green, Ned’s college studies, and much more.

Ned Russin Interview Highlights

Ned Russin on stepping outside of his comfort zone: “I hear people say that they get involved with punk because it’s scary at first. I totally agree with that. Going to a show as a young kid and seeing people move aggressively and play aggressive music and seeing people who look aggressive: it was really exciting to me as a young kid. Being a young little dumb rebellious kid, it was like, ‘this is rebellious and this is exciting.’ As I started making my own music, I think I’ve always been chasing that energy.”

ned russin title fight

Photo by Hannah Jensen

Ned Russin on Glitterer: “Last May, I wrote the first song. I wrote the music and I was like, ‘Okay, I gotta get moving with this.’ I wrote the lyrics by the end of the day. I recorded it, I showed it to my roommates and asked what they thought. They said, ‘This is good.’ I said, okay, I’m gonna write a record by the end of the summer. I just had this desire and drive – ‘I wanna create something right now.’ I had this [keyboard] in front of me. For some reason it only makes these certain sounds, and it makes me feel this certain way. There’s only so many different kinds of music you can write with an electronic keyboard. It just sounds like this, and I just had to embrace it and make it the way that I wanna make it. It was just a passion project, essentially. I just wanna write music. It was also at a time when I was thinking about a lot of different things, and engaging with art in different ways, being back in school. I was having all these different ideas and I wanted a place to put it all.”

Ned Russin on superstition in Title Fight lyrics:I write those things because I don’t believe them. I’ve tried to rid superstition from my life. … [Superstition] is a thing you do when you have no other option. So [the Title Fight song] ‘27,’ for example, is a song about my father. His lucky number is 27. He was born on the 27th, got married on the 27th. He says he always sees 27. So it’s like, what can you do in a moment when your father is on an operating room table with his stomach opened up? There’s nothing you can do other than resort to thinking about some superstition. To me, that’s what it’s about. I’m not a superstitious person – at least I try not to be.”

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